IMAG Academy - a proposed public charter school

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Our mission
To uncover a student’s strengths and potential through engaging in community-centered concerns and projects in a safe, family-like environment that is accepting, supportive, and nurturing. 

Our vision
​To become a community resource raising generations of innovative, mindful, accepting, and giving (IMAG) citizens grounded in their knowledge and capabilities to create and sustain ethnically diverse, successful, and peace-filled communities.

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Academic Philosophy 

We're excited about the possibilities.

IMAG Academy will be an engaging, place and project based learning environment for 600 students in grades K-12.
If we receive our charter approval in Sept 2018, we will open our doors in school year 2020-21 to 200 students in the grades K-8.  

​In the meantime, feel free to learn more about us and consider sharing your thoughts or becoming a part of our IMAG Advisory Board.  Here's a little information about IMAG Academy.

​​Innovation and Mindfulness are pillars to sustainable communities

 IMAG Academy focuses on creating a continuum of experiences, in and outside of school, where the strengths and potential of the individual, family and community can flourish.

Our students are the center of all we do.  We also understand their choices are influenced by their family and community.  We are a family driven, student focused, and community centered school.  At IMAG Academy, we surround our student with a supported and supportive learning environment, teaching community and school organization.  

IMAG stands for Innovative, Mindful, Accepting and Giving

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