Educational Model

We believe all children are curious, creative and capable of learning.

IMAG Academy is an integration of key components that support our students, its learning environment, teaching community and school organization.  The foundational elements start with our positive school culture which is supported by our IMAG values and school family and are realized via our purposeful and sustainable school strategies and practices.

These foundational elements enables and enhances our educational and academic model which are guided by grade-level subject and performance standards, community-centered projects, and structures and language of the School Family framework.

Educational Model - Key Components​
We celebrate both social and academic achievement.  We provide a 360 degree organizational support system where all members of our community can excel and thrive.  Our key components are...

 Safe and nurturing environment enabled by social-emotional and communication development

supported by School Family & Conscious Discipline Frameworks

Relevant connections enhanced by engaged and deeper learning
through Community-centered project based learning strategies

Academic rigor ensured by standards-based curriculum
guided by individual learning goals and plans

Unique Educational Opportunities

#1 - Safe & Nurturing Environment

#2 - Relevant Connections

#3 - Academic Rigor

~Create & identify innovative solutions to problems    by adapting prior knowledge & skills.

~Make mindful decisions

​~Be a community contributor & team producer

~Be an active learner of knowledge and skills

~Communicate effectively

~Build authentic relationships

~Resolve conflict respectfully

Our Overall School Model starts with our Culture built upon our School Family Framework

​​All of these key components provide us with a strong and flexible system that provides all students unique educational opportunities and ensures student and teacher success.

Unique Educational Opportunities
Our values guide what we believe and do. Our unique opportunities are...
A small, safe learning environment
School-supported, community-centered projects
Strength and growth-based policies and support systems

Student Outcomes
​Our students will be creators of innovative and mindful solutions to unpredictable situations. Our students will be able to...
Create and identify innovative solutions to problems by adapting prior knowledge and skills.
Make mindful decisions
​Be a community contributor and team producer
Be an active learner of knowledge and skills
Communicate effectively
Build authentic relationships
Resolve conflict respectfully​​

Student Outcomes 

Overall School Model - Built upon Culture, IMAG Values & School Family
Key Components of Education Model

~A small, safe learning environment

~School-supported, community-centered projects

~Strength and growth-based policies and support systems

IMAG Academy - a proposed public charter school