IMAG Academy - a proposed public charter school

Sept 2018 - Board Of Education Final Decision

More to come...
Academic, Organizational & Financial Plans
Evidence of Capacity
Learning is a continuum of social experience.

IMAG Academy will be a school with high social and academic expectations regardless of students’ socioeconomic background, educational needs or English language challenges. IMAG Academy focuses on creating a continuum of experiences, in and outside of school, where the strengths and potential of the individual, family and community can flourish. 

Community Voice
​IMAG Academy is the result of incorporating the voices of parents and educators shared with us over the last 9 years and more recently at more than 31 farmers' market and community events and visits to our local Walmarts.  These opportunities provided us with one-on-on discussions with over 250 parents or family members and garnered over 400 signatures.  

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Application Documents
​Our application requesting the IMAG Academy's charter approval spans over 300 pages made up of a narrative and over 24 attachments.  We've included access to the 100 page narrative here.  It includes a School Overview, Academic Plan, Organizational Plan, Financial Plan and Evidence of Capacity.  There are many details about the school within these pages and we are proud to share it with you.  We invite you to review this document and reach out with any questions or if you'd like to review any of the attachments.

Approval & Startup Timeline Updates
(If approved, School Opens in August 2020)
This year's application and approval process is a 5 month journey ending with a decision in Sept 2018. 

If a conditional approval is given in Sept 2018 and key milestones are met, a final approval will be received in September 2019.   

If all requirements are met, the school will be allowed to open for
School Year 2020-2021 with grades K-7.

Community Voice

Approval Timeline 

9 years of listening to Parents & Educators
23 Farmers Markets & Events
8 Informational Events
400+ signatures