IMAG Academy - a proposed public charter school

Knowledge, skills, and persistent action ensure success

IMAG Academy has been designed and supported by a team of professionals within our community.  Their diligence and desire to make IMAG Academy a reality is how we have endured the application process over the last 4 years.  As with everything in life...persistence is the key to success. 

Shirley Ames
Facilities Identification and Contract Negotiation
Shirley’s property management experience will be used in facility identification and lease negotiations. Her real estate knowledge and contacts in the Waipahu/Waikele area will be invaluable.

 Thelma Alane

Financial Processes, Policies, and Contract Management
As an investment consultant and systems analyst, Thelma’s board financial expertise will aid our school in looking at our concerns with an open mind.  She will help us to see the opportunities for improvement and build the processes to help sustain it. 

Deborah Bond-Upson

Educational Leadership, Curriculum Development and Assessment
We will look to Deborah to bring the same level of logic and persistence she offers her clients, guiding us to sound and beneficial decisions.  Her extensive work experience over many years within the educational industry will give us an operational advantage, especially during this startup phase. 

Hanlan Bowler
Professional Development and Curriculum Development
As an educator, Hanlan’s background will help us tremendously with our professional development and teacher support systems within the school. As a Science educator since 1997 and his experience in project-based curriculum his insight into the many challenges and opportunities of educators. 

Sheila Buyukacar
Educational and Organizational Processes, Policies and Professional Development
Sheila’s career in the USAF and her most recent experiences as a non-profit executive director brings a wide range of experience; strategic planning, policy, program and process development, non-profit operations and governance, and fundraising and events management.

 Andrew Hata - Advisor

Legal and Contractual Concerns and Affairs
As a multi-state licensed attorney with a finance background, Andrew has the ability to analyze situations from multiple lenses.  He also brings with him experience and expertise in commercial property investment.  

Michael Nakata

Fundraising and Marketing
Michael brings extensive experience in marketing and successful fundraiser events.  His knowledge and connections will be important in building awareness about our school and enrollment efforts. 


Randall Shiraishi
Policy-making and Board Development
Randall’s foundation is built on expertise working within programs dealing with our youth. His extensive work and time helping to re-build Halau Lokahi’s operational viability required policy, process and procedures developed in record time.  He is always willing to step in to get things done.


Ruby Menon
Human Resources and Operations Management
Ruby has over 20 years of experience as a Human Resource Director and Officer.  Her involvement in all facets of human resource management will be invaluable to both our organizational and academic capabilities.

Harrison Peters
Strategic Planning and Non-Profit Management
Harrison has over 15 years as the Executive Director responsible for the success of a multi-site elderly care service, Aged to Perfection. His over 30 years of providing invaluable program care services within our community will be especially helpful to strengthening IMAG Academy's organizational capability.

IMAG Advisory Board
 If you'd like to be more involved with the school and its development, please consider joining our Advisory Board.  We invite your ideas, insights and participation.  Let us know by calling or adding your intentions via our contact form.  Mahalo nui loa!