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Intent to Enroll and Support

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Having your support and enrollment intention now is very helpful. 

It will be shared with the Hawai'i State Charter School Commission as evidence of

community need and support of the educational choice IMAG Academy offers. 

Enrollment Eligibility

Challenging real world experiences enhances relevance and a sense of belonging.

IMAG Academy welcomes all children in the State of Hawaii and who are in the grades currently being offered.  We encourage all families in Waipahu and surrounding areas to consider enrolling their children in the Academy.  

Intent to Enroll 
If you feel IMAG Academy is the right fit for your child and family, filling out an intent to enroll is highly recommended. It will provide us a view of your needs for the upcoming year.  More importantly, it will allow us to send you announcements and updates regarding enrollment and other pertinent information. The Intent to Enroll form is provided below. 

Enrollment Eligibility & Requirements 
IMAG is a public charter school and as such is open, based on available space, to any student in the State of Hawaii who is eligible for the grades we currently serve.  Potential students will be considered for admission without regard to race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, income level, academic or athletic ability, disability, need for special education services or lack of proficiency in the English language.

 Students and their families must attend a free mandatory orientation when applying for admission to IMAG Academy. These are held several times a month during the open enrollment period in order to provide information about IMAG Academy that will help you to determine if IMAG Academy is an appropriate fit for your student and family.  Your acceptance decisions are made after each open enrollment/application period is completed (and after a lottery, if necessary).  

Children with Special Needs - The vision and mission of IMAG Academy supports full inclusion into our school and classrooms.  In order to coordinate the essential services, families of students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or section 504 plan must inform the school upon selection and provide timely access to relevant documents.  Parents will meet with our school representatives to determine the services needed for their child and what services IMAG Academy is able to provide.  This will help us to ensure the appropriate services are provided for your student. 

Enrollment Process & Timeline
Applications will be accepted during two open enrollment periods from mid-November to mid-March prior to the start of a new school year. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of student openings for any given grade, a lottery will be held within one week of the end of the open enrollment period.

Attending a free orientation session during the open enrollment period is required for those applying for admission. Orientation sessions will be announced in September.  

Once final admission invitations have been made and accepted, remaining openings in the school will be filled from our waiting list. Any applications received after the March deadline will be considered during the rolling admissions period.  Rolling admission runs from mid-Apr to mid-October of each year. During this time, applications are accepted and admission is offered on a “first come first serve” basis if space is or becomes available. During the rolling admissions period, students offered spaces are given three weeks or until October 15th (whichever comes first) to notify the office of their intent to accept or decline the space. After August 1, this notice period may be shortened as required.

 If a student applies for enrollment in a class that is at full capacity, that student will be placed on a waiting list.​​

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Evidence of community need and support of the educational choice IMAG Academy offers. 
Two open enrollment periods
Mid-November to Mid-March
Rolling Admission
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